1. Kit Fit

Allocation of helmet. safety glasses and gloves.

We would advise that you wear flat firm soled shoes and clothing appropriate for an exercise activity. We do not recommend denim.

2. Bike Fit

We will allocate an appropriate size bike and set up seat height and suspension to suit. 


3. Bike Check & Familiarisation

We will run you through the operation of the cycle and complete our 14 point safety checklist with you.

Followed by a short familiarisation ride to ensure you are happy with the operation of the brakes, gears and power assist mode.


4. The Fun Begins

You will be riding on mostly unmade surfaces trails, quiet back roads and if the tide is right some beach riding.

All trails can be ridden seated and at walking pace if required.

There will be no jumps

Your personal guide will ensure we ride to the pace of the least experienced rider at all times.

That said we pride ourselves in our success in aligning group ability at the booking stage.

You will wherever possible be riding with others of a similar ability.

There will be breaks for toilet and refreshments along the way.


5. Wrap Up

Return to base.

Check your kit back in and you're done.

You will have an opportunity to feedback on your experience and on your cycle.


We will clean your bike and kit and run through the safety checks to ensure everything is safe and clean for the next user.  


Guided E Bike Tours


Stage S35, Blackshore Southwold Harbour, Suffolk IP18 6TA